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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Making sense of leadership development: Developing a community of education leadersMcCauley-Smith, C; Williams, SJ; Gillon, AC; Braganza, A
2014Organisation development in HRM: A longitudinal study contrasting evolutionary trends between the UK and USAGillon, AC; Braganza, A; Williams, S; McCauley-Smith, C
2006Organizational forms and knowledge management: One size fits all?Franken, A; Braganza, A
2007Organizational knowledge transfer through creation, mobilization and diffusion: A case analysis of InTouch within SchlumbergerBraganza, A; Hackney, R; Tanudjojo, S
2016Resource management in Big Data initiatives: processes and dynamic capabilitiesBraganza, A; Brooks, L; Nepelski, D; Ali, M; Moro, R
2007SOX, compliance and power relationships: Tactics for the CIOBraganza, A; Franken, A
2007State-of-the-art in product service-systemsBaines, TS; Braganza, A; Kingston, J; Lockett, H; Martinez, V; Michele, P; Tranfield, D; Walton, I; Wilson, H
2008Strategies, contributions and inhibitors of information systems to organizational competitiveness: An empirical analysis within the CaribbeanLouis, S; Braganza, A; Hackney, R