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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Performance of a wireless telemedicine system in a hospital accident and emergency departmentTachakra, S; Banitsas, KA; Tachakra, T
2001Securing a medical wireless LAN systemOwens, TJ; Tachakra, S; Banitsas, KA; Istepanian, RSH
2006Use of 3G mobile phone links for teleconsultation between a moving ambulance and a hospital base stationBanitsas, KA; Perakis, K; Tachakra, S; Koutsouris, D
2010Using digital pens to expedite the marking procedureBanitsas, KA; Eliopoulos, G; Murray, L
2004Using handheld devices for real-time wireless teleconsultationBanitsas, KA; Georgiadis, P; Tachakra, S; Cavouras, D
2008Using HSPA to improve the telemedical links on a moving ambulanceBanitsas, KA; Tachakra, S; Stefanidis, E; Boletis, K
2005A versatile telemetric system based on mixed Internet and wireless transmissionTsirigakis, B; Efthimiatos, K; Banitsas, KA